About Me

Licensed Massage Therapist
Lic. #MSG010995 in PA, Lic. #10393 in MA
Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist
Certified in Pre- & Peri-Natal Massage
Professional Member of ABMP

Trained at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, I have been in private practice since 2007.  

From Santa Fe, New Mexico to Seattle, Washington, my journey took me back to my hometown on the east coast in the fall of 2011.   I am currently seeing clients in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Over and Above

Over the years I have pursued and obtained special certifications in Pre- & Perinatal Massage as well as becoming a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist.  

I have also participated in a number of classes to learn Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage which has heavily influenced my style.  Lomi lomi massage, also called "loving hands massage", is characterized by longer, flowing strokes, often using forearms and elbows. This allows for a range of depth and pressure including what I like to refer to as "sneaky deep tissue."

Each massage I give is customized to your needs and objectives each time I see you.  In addition to general stress relief, I have particular interests and leanings towards medical massage to assist with acute and chronic conditions as well as prenatal massage to nurture mothers-to-be.    

My 10 years as a massage therapist combined with over 20 years as a dancer has given me a depth of experience with the body that is quite unique.  

Kristen Rayner, LMT, CPMT (License MSG010995 in PA, License #10393 in MA)   
(781) 707-6012                          Professional Member of ABMP